How can NIBE help you?

If you as an individual are interested in business ethics or your business wants to benchmark its behaviour this is what NIBE can offer. We’d like your support to maintain and grow our activities. 

  • We raise public awareness of the importance of doing business ethically.
  • We help organisations to strengthen their ethics culture and encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values.
  • We assist in the development, implementation and embedding of effective and relevant corporate ethics and responsibility policies and programmes.
  • We help organisations to provide guidance to staff and build relationships of trust with their principal stakeholders.
  • We collaborate with other UK and international organisations with interests and expertise in business ethics.
  • We run events and publicise events concerning business ethics and good practice.
  • We work with community groups to put into action corporate responsibility agendas and question what this actually means.
  • We provide a network of people interested in business ethics.
  • We support research into business ethics and help people to talk about it.
  • We seek do this all with some fun and laughter.