The Good Accountant: On Virtue Theory and Accounting

5:00pm - 6:30pm | £0.00

After a period in which accounting has been implicated in a succession of corporate scandals, virtue theory offers considerable, and so far, unfulfilled, potential for understanding and improving accounting practice. So, what are the fundamental principles and characteristics that might constitute the ‘virtuous’ or ‘good’ accountant?

A ‘good’ or ‘virtuous’ accountant embodies or personifies ethical accounting principles. The ‘good accountant’ might be viewed as: straightforward, honest and truthful; objective, sceptical and independent; competent and diligent; discreet; and upright.

This evening seminar will be of interest to practitioners and academics looking for new ways to reflect on accounting ethics, including self-reflection and self-development. Our speaker, Professor Chris Cowton, Professor of Financial Ethics and former Dean of the Business School at Huddersfield University, has published extensively and is frequently invited to speak to academic and practitioner communities on business ethics, governance and research methods. He is internationally recognised for his contributions to business ethics, especially his pioneering work on financial ethics. He has been a member of the Ethics Standards Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales since 2009.

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