High flying ethics

NIBE director, Ron Beadle, and professor of organisation and business ethics, Northumbria University, contributes to an excellent article in ‘Portfolio’, the Emirates in-flight magazine: ‘ How big can a business become before it has to compromise its core values?-Punks in the Boardroom’. You can find the full article in issue 151 of Portfolio magazine

Turning a negative into a positive, by Caroline Theobald CBE

I was planning to go into full on ‘rant’ mode this month, but because the sun is finally out and my three month old puppy is a delightful distraction I’ve decided to desist.  Not that I don’t think I have cause, but rather because I wondered what sounding off at a powerful institution would actually […]

100 Year life: Blessing or curse? The result is in!

The question that has been on our minds for a while has finally been answered. Debated by teams of a mix of students from Emmanuel College and St Bede’s School, one side ‘It’s a blessing’, the other, ‘It’s a curse’.  After some professional coaching with our guest experts and judges: Gareth Johnson, Brewin Dolphin, Dorian […]

Tees Valley businesses collaborate to create ethical business network

Business leaders from across the Tees Valley have expressed their desire to work together to promote and uphold ethical business practices. Dozens of representatives from across the private, public and voluntary sectors attended Teesside University for the launch of the Tees Valley Ethical and Responsible Business Network. The event, which was organised by the North […]

Tomorrow’s Ethics: Beyond compliance, building better communities, post event blog

What a night it was! The setting was Teesside University and the speakers were top notch! A large group of business and community members came together to explore the topic we had set them. The night also saw the founding of Tees Valley Ethical and Responsible Business Network (sounds a mouthful but it is a […]