Meet the experts

NIBE along with Northumbria and Durham University have brought together a list of experts who are able to comment on the ethical issues of their subject areas.  Please contact them via their university links:

Professor Carol Adams

Professor of Accounting in the Business School

Carol Adams is an internationally renowned author in integrated reporting, social and environmental accounting and sustainability reporting. A number of her articles in academic accounting journals of international standing are ranked in the top 20 most cited articles in the journal in which they are published. She is founding editor of the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal and writes on her website at

Areas of expertise: Corporate  Culture, Reporting, Corporate Governance, Diversity, Human Rights, Sustainability, Socially Responsible Investment,

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Dr Chrysostomos Apostolidis

A Senior Lecturer of Marketing in Newcastle Business School, which he joined in 2012 after working for two years as a marketer in the business sector. He specialises in Ethical Marketing and Sustainable Consumer Behaviour and has published several articles and conference papers in this area. His main research interest is in the use of digital, mobile and traditional marketing techniques to influence consumer behaviour and encourage more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable consumption. Recent publications (see list below) include research on sustainable diets, sustainable tourism and sharing and circular economies. He has won several awards for his research and his work has appeared on digital and printed media.

Area of Expertise:            Marketing           Ethical Consumers           Food


Professor Ron Beadle

Ron is Professor of Organization and Business Ethics, where he convenes the Responsible Business research theme and leads the Organisation and HRM Subject Group.  Ron’s research focuses on virtue and character at work and he is particularly interested in the ethical dimension of the relationship between professional and organizational goals.  Ron’s empirical research is focussed on the circus and he is currently working on a British Academy/Leverhulme Trust funded project on how career priorities impact of the career choices of creative workers for whom meaningful work is of critical importance.

Areas of expertise:         Employees          Character and Virtue      Meaningful Work


Professor John Blenkinsopp

Professor of Management at Northumbria University, where he is co-convenor of the Public Policy & Public Management (3PM) research group. His research in this area includes on ethical issues in public administration, particularly whistleblowing and employee silence, and he has also collaborated with colleagues in South Korea on research into the impact of transparency on corruption. He is also leading a programme of careers research, including examination of low carbon careers and of individuals making transitions towards more socially responsible careers.

Areas of Expertise:          Employees          Whistle-blowing               Careers


Prof Janus Brzeszczyński

Janusz Brzeszczyński is Professor of Finance at Newcastle Business School (NBS). His research interests cover broad areas of finance, financial markets, financial econometrics and business ethics in finance. Before joining NBS, Janusz worked at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and held a number of visiting positions at the universities abroad in the USA, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. He was awarded Fulbright scholarship (Senior Grant) at the Arizona State University in the USA, Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers at the University of Münster in Germany, ESKAS federal scholarship at the Swiss Institute of Banking of Finance at the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland and DAAD research scholarship at the Kiel University in Germany. Janusz published in such top journals as: “Journal of Business Ethics”, “Journal of Comparative Economics”, “Journal of International Money and Finance”, “International Review of Financial Analysis”, “Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money”, “European Journal of Finance”, “Applied Financial Economics“, “Emerging Markets Finance and Trade”, “International Journal of Finance and Economics”, “Finance Research Letters” and “Journal of Financial Stability”, among others. He acted also as a consultant for Reuters and conducted research projects for various banks and other financial institutions.

Area of expertise:           Socially Responsible Investment


Dr Jenny Davidson

Jenny has been working and carrying out research in the field of sustainability for 20 years, she has held a number of senior roles in both the private and public sector most recently as Head of Environment at Heathrow Airport and Head of Sustainability at Oxford City Council.  Having worked with Cambridge University for a number of years Jenny took up her first full time academic post with Northumbria in 2013.  Particular areas of interest include the role of the individual in achieving sustainability within an organisation, moral development, partnerships and collaboration, responsible innovation, CR reporting and women in sustainability. Jenny is currently working with a number of organisations to support them in achieving their sustainability goals.

Areas of Expertise:          CSR        Sustainability     Corporate Culture


Professor Nick Ellis

Professor of Marketing Management, Deputy Head of Dept of Management & Marketing in the Business School

As Professor of Marketing Management, Nick’s research focuses on inter-organizational relationships and the social construction of identities in B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing contexts. He was an early proponent of the use of discourse analysis to explore spoken and written texts from the worlds of marketing and purchasing management; and he has now extended this approach to critically examine aspects of supply chains, entrepreneurship, consumption and alternative modes of organisation.

Areas of expertise: Marketing and Supplier Issues

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Dr Ian Fitzgerald

Ian is a specialist in employee relations and has recently fulfilled the role of expert for the Claimants Solicitors’ Steering Group in the Construction Industry ‘blacklisting’ Vetting Information Group Litigation. He has also been a national UK expert for the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers and led a UK team of national experts investigating workers’ rights in the subcontract chain for the European Commission with regard to the posting of workers Directive. A particular area of research is Polish migrant workers and here he has investigated and led research teams in the areas of trade unions and community integration.

Areas of Expertise:          Employees          Migrant Workers              Trade Unions


Prof Jackie Harvey

Jackie has pursued a successful and varied career that started as an economist in Fiji (VSO funded), brought her back to the UK to work as an economist with the British Wool Marketing Board, from where she moved into banking.  Following 10 years with Barings Merchant bank, she left to take up the post of Macro economic adviser to the Government of Belize (DFID funded).  She switched into academia pursuing specialist research interests in money laundering and asset recovery with a wider interest in financial market regulation and financial crime.  She has taught modules on risk and investment management together with financial market regulation.  She is on the management committee of the North East Fraud Forum and the regional committee of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.  Jackie is on the editorial board for the European Cross-Border Crime Colloquium and regularly speaks at a range of high profile academic and practitioner conferences.

Areas of Expertise:          Financial Crime                  Regulation


Dr Alex Hope

Dr Alex Hope is Senior Lecturer in Business Ethics at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. He undertakes teaching, research and consultancy across topics such as responsible business, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, energy policy and business ethics. He is Director of Student Satisfaction and Engagement and leads the school’s Responsible Management Education project. Alongside his work at Newcastle Business School, Alex is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University tutoring Environmental Management modules and holds a position on the UK & Ireland United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education (UN PRME) steering group. He holds a PhD in Sustainable development and BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management and prior to his academic career worked in retail management, local government and sustainability consultancy.

Areas of Expertise:          Sustainability     CSR        Energy Policy


Dr Gretchen Larsen

Associate Professor in Marketing in the Business School

Dr Gretchen Larsen is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing. Prior to joining Durham, Gretchen was a Lecturer at King’s College London, where she was the Director of the MSc International Marketing. She has also worked at the University of Bradford and the University of Otago (New Zealand), and held visiting posts at EADA (Spain) and LKEAM (Poland).

Areas of expertise: Ethics, Markets, Marketing and reviewer for the Journal of Business Ethics

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Professor Geoff Moore

Professor of Business Ethics 

Geoff was a founding member of the UK Association of European Business Ethics Network (EBEN-UK) and was Chair from 2002 to 2004. Geoff is a member of the Society for Business Ethics (USA) and of the International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (ISBEE) where he was a member of the Executive Committee from 2006 to 2016.

Areas of expertise: Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Socially Responsible Investment

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Professor Kevin Morrell

Professor of Strategy, PhD Programme Director

Prior to joining Durham, Kevin was previously a Professor of Strategy at Warwick Business School (WBS). He was also a British Academy Mid-Career Fellow (2015-16) and Head of the WBS Strategy and International Business Group.

Areas of expertise: Corporate Governance, Leadership, Public Opinion and Tax

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Dr Jan Myers

Jan Myers has a background in working in and with a range of public and third sector organisations locally, nationally and internationally around public and social value and social change leadership and development.  She has both a research and practice interest in member-based organisations and multi-stakeholder partnerships. In particular, she is interested in how alternative business models – such as charities, co-operatives and mutuals, and community benefit societies  – offer stewardship models that safeguard public services, and promote social and values-led models of responsible business.

Areas of Expertise:          Mutuals               Social Enterprise               Stewardship


Professor Andrew Pendleton

Professor of Human Resource Management, Head of Dept of Management & Marketing in the Business School

Andrew joined Durham University Business School in January 2015. Prior to that he was Professor of HRM at the University of York. He is also a Faculty Fellow and Mentor in the Beyster Program at the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.

Areas of expertise: Corporate Governance

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Prof Alistair Rieu-Clarke   

Alistair has a background in international law and sustainable development, with a particular focus on conflict and cooperation related to shared natural resources.   He has been involved in various research and development projects that have sought to deepen knowledge and understanding of the factors influencing the effectiveness of shared natural resource governance. Such projects, which have been funded by DFID, EU, UNESCO, UNEP, WWF, IUCN and others and have involved countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.  His recent publications have focused on governance arrangements related large hydropower projects. He has also been heavily involved in postgraduate and professional training programmes related to shared natural governance in Africa, Bolivia, Central America, Iran and SE Asia. These programmes have sought to bring together a broad range of experts from government, civil society organisations, academia, and the private sector.

Areas of Expertise:          International Law             Hydropower                      Natural Governance


Dr Hyemi Shin

Hyemi SHIN is a lecturer in Corporate Strategy and Responsible Business. She received the PhD at ESSEC Business School, France. Her research centers on business-society relations from several perspectives of organizational theory. In particular, she views “Corporate Social Responsibility” as an emergent organizational field or (more provocatively) a new market. From this point, Her PhD dissertation explores the CSR field in South Korea from the more global and “macro” social dynamics of transnational governance to the most “micro” dynamics self-presentation strategy and “face games” played by CSR professionals. She has several working papers focusing on the emergence, diffusion and appropriation of transnational CSR standards, the emergence of CSR professionals and their role in the CSR field, and how the terms “business ethics” and “CSR” have been travelled across the nation and evolved over time in different countries. She has a forthcoming paper at Advances in Environmental Accounting and Management, which is investigating narrative strategies presented on sustainability reports in the telecommunication industry of Brazil and South Korea.

Areas of Expertise:                          International Standards                                CSR        Sustainability Reporting


Prof Philip Shrives

Interested in the functioning of boards, non-executives, board committees, non-compliance with the UK’s corporate governance code and company explanations, and my research covers these very practical areas. I also research into risk reporting (UK and overseas) and other voluntary disclosures made by companies. I am always interested in identifying, debating and discussing good practice in these areas. I am also interested in the extended audit report and the efforts audit firms are making to explain their audit work through better reporting.

Areas of Expertise:          Corporate Governance                 Audit                     Voluntary Disclosure


Dr Matthew Sinnicks

Matthew is a lecturer in Business Ethics at Newcastle Business School, which he joined in 2016. His research interests include flourishing and alienation in the workplace, the ethics of market economies, and virtue ethics as it applies to leadership and organizations. Recent publications include research on leadership and governance.

Areas of Expertise:          Employees                          Virtues and Character                    Leadership


Dr Karim Surour

Karim is a senior lecturer in Accounting and Financial Management and the PhD programme leader at the Faculty of Business & Law. Prior to joining Newcastle Business School in 2012, Karim has worked as a senior consultant and researcher at the Research and Consultation Centre of the Arab Academy for Science & Technology (Egypt) for 13 years.  He led and participated in more than 30 research & consultancy projects in the fields of accounting and governance, undertaken in seven countries in the Middle East and Africa. Concurrently, Karim has designed and implemented many financial professional training courses delivered in a number of countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. He is an internationally recognised expert on corporate governance and social responsibility. His research work and expertise underpins corporate governance reform efforts in major companies in the Middle East.  Karim’s work has appeared in international academic journals and books. He is an editor of cogent business and management Journal (Taylors and Francis) and an editorial board member of Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Emerald). He is a certified member of the Institute of Management Accountants (USA) and a steering committee member of the British Accounting Association’s emerging economies research interest group.

Areas of Expertise:          Corporate Governance                 Reporting                            Accounting